orange savings account advice and tips


what's an orange savings account?

Setting up an orange savings account is not hard at all. In fact, you can call and have an operator walk you through.  What happens is that they will deposit two small amounts in the checking bank account you want to link it to. They then will ask you to verify the amounts they deposited. So setting up an account does take a few days (i guess some people can consider their advertising misleading in some sense)....

You might have seen the ads on a magazine or on a television. INGdirect is one of the largest banks in Europe.They've opened an online bank . Since they don't have the cost of having branches, they can offer interest rates much higher than other banks. This is quite sweet!

Many people are intimidated by the internet though. My parents are like this. I'm part of the internet generation though. So I'm the one always introducing new web things to my family. I even set up my Mom and Dad's facebook accounts! I'm pretty good at explaining things. And that's why I made this site: to help people determine if online banking is for them and to help them set things up.

As I previously mentioned, I'm fairly tech savvy. Plus I'm in college right now so I have the time to build a site. I thought I spend enough time drinking and so its good to do something productive.

So where to start....

A personal discl

hey guys this is the first page I've ever made. So please excuse the poor design and usability. I've always meant to make a page. But you know how things get on a "to do list" and you never do them? One Monday morning I decided to take the plunge and make this page. Hey you gotta start from somewhere. ..